Teen to Legend

a match for age groups: 15~19, 35~44, 45+

 ⚠️ You can purchase T2L Online qualifier tickets until 10AM KST on 3/27(Wed) ⚠️

We are so grateful to see many athletes registering for the qualifier events.

An email for guiding your athlete registration will be sent to the email address. 

If you do not receive this email within 24 hours after registration, please check your spam folder or contact us. 

If you have entered the wrong email address, please contact us immediately.

If you are passionate about CrossFit, join our special competition 

at the Far East Throwdown venue where we have CrossFit Games: Asia Semifinal. 

It is open to anyone in their teens, or 35 years and above.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing Crossfit,

Anyone is welcome if you are in the right age group!
Show us your passion and desire to improve!

In the following cases, participation in the T2L finals is not possible. 
(Participation in the qualifiers is okay) 
If you participate as a volunteer or take part in the semifinals (individual, team), you are not eligible to advance to the finals.

Teen to Legend

Competition schedule

Prizes for all top performers

Prizes for Final Competition

*Prizes for each Group will be revealed on the evening of March 24th!

✨ Qualification for the Final ✨

Will be announced on March 24!

Registration fee

Entry Fee

Registration begins upon purchase of the T2L ticket.
Please note that refunds are not available after purchase confirmation, so please consider carefully before purchasing your ticket


How to Apply

Contact Us

info@fareastthrowdown.com    * We do not provide service via phone or DMs.