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Volunteer & Staff

Please complete the relevant forms below if you are interested in being part of the crew at Far East Throwdown.

Judges (closed)

This role is responsible for enforcing movements standards, accurate rep count, and finish time. Judging will be your primary responsibility, however, you may also be asked to fulfill other duties. Please note that completion of the 2022 CrossFit online Judges Course prior to the event is mandatory.

/Interpreter (closed)

This role supports communication for FET Team and Athletes who have difficulty to understand certain issues during the semi-final and event because of language barrier. (You will not only support communication but also support FET team on the site in various topics.)
We are looking for volunteer translators(Interpreters) in two working languages: English-Korean, English-Russian or Korean-Russian.

Medical (closed)

This role need to be certified in CPR and/or First Aid.
Medical staff is responsible for enforcing medical support.

Gear Crew (closed)

This role directs all competition equipment including gear changes between workouts, equipment transfer.

Operation (closed)

This role assists our staff with volunteer check-in, workshops, sponsors, hospitality and special assignments.